The Fábrica is a volunteer-run project. All the folks who work here during open hours, the class teachers, the people who make and distribute flyers and calendars, we do all that because it’s fun and because we learn things and because we like to share the knowledge we have. If you are interested in volunteering with this project, there are several ways you can do that:

If you have experience in any textile art, from basic sewing and knitting to weaving or quilting, you can teach a class at our shop. We’d like to offer a broad range of classes on specific skills or sessions to work on projects. If you have ideas for classes or group activities, we’d love to hear about it! Send us an email to work out the details.

Do you like to draw? Do you like to ride your bike around town? You could make art for our calendar or help distribute flyers and calendars around town. This helps us get new people into the shop. Stop by some time. Let’s chat.

If you’ve got some experience with sewing or knitting or whatever and you have some free time and you are a big fan of The Fábrica, talk to us about staffing during our open hours.

Have you got some other idea about how you want to get involved? That’s awesome. Let us know what it is. Email or come visit!