First Friday with Vicki Assegued: Layered Fabric Assemblage

Join us for a First Friday open house featuring the fabric assemblage work of Vicki Assegued!

Reception: Friday March 6th, 6-9pm; full run of show March 6th-31st

From the artist:
“After many years of making art from previously used objects, such as wood, metal, plastic and glass, I began working with fabric and have been completely enamored with it.

The fabrics used in my pieces include repurposed clothing, place mats, upholstery remnants, lace, trims, purses, pillowcases, crocheted and embroidered pieces, jewelry parts, yarn and beads.

My collections come from second-hand stores, yard sales and the flea market. Friends also generously pass along materials I can use.

It’s very exciting to find and select fabrics that have previously had another life, and then incorporate them into my art. Through the creative process, these fabrics become something other than they were, providing beauty and pleasure in a new way and in expressive combinations.

Fabric is a wonderfully diverse medium for me to work in, offering so many possibilities for design, layering, weaving, stuffing, attaching and decorating.

I delight in making art with fabric and revel in the exploration of continually discovering new techniques as my work expands in form and design.

The creative process forever amazes me, with the vast possibilities that continually reveal themselves, and by the ongoing expansion of how I express myself in the world through color and form. For me, art is life, and every aspect of creativity is pertinent to all that I am.

I hope that my art inspires others to be creative, and to be delighted by our ability as humans to innovate, and express ourselves, in a myriad of ways.”
-Vicki Assegued, M.A.

To learn more about Vicki’s work, including upcoming workshops, please visit her website:

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