First Friday in February: Interconnected w/ Little Giant Collective

Join us for a First Friday open house featuring large-scale woodcuts on fabric from members of Little Giant Collective!
Friday, February 7th 6-9pm

INTERCONNECTED is a collaborative show created in honor of the many beings, seen and unseen, that make-up the larger life-world and the local ecologies that we call home. This show features the work of four artists, Ash Armenta, Louise Leong, Melody Overstreet, and Campbell Steers. Each artist designed and carved a 4’x4′ image onto birch plywood detailing native plants of Turtle Island, pollinators, animals, and people and is a reflection on our tenuous position within a context of profound interconnectivity. For this project, a steamroller was rented, and the artists closed Cooper Street (off of Pacific Ave), hand-rolled the carved blocks with black oil-based ink, rolled over the blocks with a steamroller, and printed a limited edition onto linen. This work was made in contemplation of our humble place in the local ecology alongside our more-than-human kin, and is a nod to the well-being of all of life when each being is able to thrive in balance with the collective. The four artists featured here are part of Little Giant Collective, a local community-run print studio that features monthly art openings, free community events, workshops, and more. To learn more about Little Giant Collective, visit

About the artists:
Ash Armenta is a print media artist based in the Bay Area of California. Ash concluded the two year program at Tamarind Institute and received the title of Tamarind Master Printer in 2017. The program included several collaborations with artists such as Matt Shlian, Rashaad Newsome, Nicola Lopez, and Nina Elder. Ash enjoys printing collaboratively with artists as well as printing personal work, painting outdoor murals, illustration, woodworking, sign painting, and anything involving handmade fine details. Ash also teaches studio art and art history lecture classes. Themes Ash is exploring include organizing collaboration, investigating how queer bodies navigate public spaces and visual manifestations of community. Additionally what constitutes the multiple or edition and how principles of traditional printmaking can be expanded in similar practices of making. Ash is currently afar pursuing an MFA in Printmaking at the University of Wisconsin Madison. You can learn more about his work at

Louise Leong is a California based printmaker and illustrator. She has exhibited her work internationally in addition to regularly in the Santa Cruz and the San Francisco Bay Area. Her bold prints and illustrations are influenced by the humorous nuggets in the mundane landscapes and interactions people experience throughout their day. Through a filter of classic cartoon influences, she finds charm in the worlds we occupy while navigating the 9-5 work day; the humor and beauty of the strange relationships a cashier shares with her customers. Her “why not” approach of mark-making has attracted audiences of all ages to her imagery. Those with an affinity for childhood mischief are rewarded with the tongue-in-cheek humor of Louise’s art. Louise has also taught art workshops with Porter College at UCSC,Youth Now! in Watsonville, and with the Prison Arts Project at the Santa Cruz County Jail. You can learn more about her work at

Melody Overstreet is a poet, artist, printer, and educator. She double majored in Studio Art and Psychology at the University of California, Santa Cruz, where she focused on Printmaking, Public Art, and Peace Studies. She has exhibited her work locally as well as internationally, and has been featured in publications inclusive of Seed Broadcast, Inverness Almanac, and Chinquapin Quarterly. She is a member of the local Little Giant Collective print studio. She was instrumental in initiating Santa Monica College’s Organic Learning Garden, a space for cross-curricular engagement, the hands-on growing of food, seed saving, and community building. She currently lives and works in Santa Cruz where she works as part of Gateway’s Life Lab Garden Education program. She is a trained Master Gardener of California and certified California Naturalist through CNP and UCSC’s Arboretum. She teaches a variety of workshops locally through Cabrillo College, The Santa Cruz Museum of Natural History, and the UCSC Arboretum & Botanic Garden. You can learn more about her work at

Campbell Steers: Much of my work pays homage to the machine from which much inspiration manifests—the bicycle. Or the places that my bike takes me—California landscapes. Or the feeling my bike gives me—a sensation that when I am in motion I am at my best. Printmaking is the medium I am most passionate about, and like the bicycle, it offers me a repetitive expression that is very meditative; when my legs are spinning bicycle pedals or hands are rolling ink over a woodblock, my thoughts clarify and everything makes sense. You can learn more about her work at

Websites: / / / / Instagram: @little.giant.collective / @ash_armenta_prints / @louleo_ / @melodyoverstreet / @supersteers

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