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Fundraising at the Tabby Cat Cafe

Over the past few months our friends at the Tabby Cat Cafe have been generously hosting an ongoing fundraiser to support our rent fund. They have a lot of free space where there used to be indoor seating. Since indoor dining (or coffee drinking) is not currently allowed in Santa Cruz County, former Fábrica volunteer and Tabby Cat owner, Lisa–along with her partner Jeb–invited us to set up a few tables with items for sale. We have set up an assortment of stuffed creatures, monsters, bags and zipper pouches, face masks, scrunchies, patches, t-shirts, and a selection of vintage clothing. All money raised through the sale of these things is considered a donation to the Fábrica’s rent fund.

There are also prints, zines, and other knickknacks from our comrades at Little Giant Collective. If you’re looking for a new face mask or holiday gifts for loved ones, we hope you’ll check out the Tabby Cat Cafe on weekdays 7am – 3pm. Grab a cup of tea or coffee while you’re there and please be really kind to whoever is working…times are hard and working in public right not is stressful. Thank you for your support! We love you all!